Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Short Hair and I don't care.

Praise of post: Bobs and Short-cuts
Bobs are so cute. Have you seen Carrie Brownstein? Mia from Pulp Fiction? Honey-bunny from Pulp Fiction?(I just watched Pulp Fiction) Alexa Chung? Enid from Ghost-World? Margot Tenebaum? Tessa? Spooky-puke?

They are all sporting short hair while still looking fabulous.
Bobs are way easier to take care of. Also you can go outside in the summer and not have to worry about your hair.

Coffee from Epoch is super cute.

I just need bottle rocket, then my collections complete until grand Budapest is on DVD.


Romper-Thrifted Shoes-Madewell
If you can't tell from the build-up from above, I got a haircut. I cut off at least 8 inches of hair. I don't really know why I did it, I think to show the end of an era maybe? My freshman year's almost over, I have to say this year has been filled with more drama than any other year. I have finals next week than I'm kind of home free. I have to go to summer school for geometry to get ahead, but I'm at least taking drums over the summer to balance the out.
I don't know what happened to my last post I didn't delete it, it's just gone.

Inspiration Pictures

Been super into French New Wave lately.

Music of Post:
Been mostly listening to movie soundtracks lately. Juno has an amazing soundtrack.

The Royal Tenenbaums also has an amazing soundtrack.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Insanity has struck here in Austin and I'm apart of it

So If your unaware every spring break, I go to SXSW like everyday so here's the pictures and everything that happened. It was ok I wish I would've had friends to go to these with, but ALL of my Austin friends were out of town,or aren't into music.

On Wednesday I saw London Grammar, and somehow I met them and discussed music. I was so surprised that I even managed to meet them. They were the nicest people who are surprisingly super short.

He's a little taller than me.

The Orwells whom I saw on Thursday with my eldest brother.(I have two)

Than later that day I saw The Ceremonies who are babes FYI.
Me with the Ceremonies.
They were honestly super nice and awesome all around. They also all three said that they liked my shirt. I also interviewed them for youth-spin which I'm not excited to edit.
 On Friday I was supposed to meet up with some "Friends"(They are honestly more of acquaintances) to see Foster the people, but I didn't see them..So I got stuck with my brother, whom was pissed to have me, which is understandable. I felt bad honestly. We were still super close and everyone in front of me was short enough to see over. The lead singer held the stage super well. Overall it was a good concert. I'm honestly glad I didn't meet up with those kids because they would of been smoking and pressuring me to to do that. I wouldn't want to hang with them so yeah.

Today I woke up at 7ish to see Vance Joy and American Authors, I met them both.
Also I discovered this girl named Jetta who is kinda amazing.

Then I went to Waterloo trying to see the 1975, which didn't happen. I spent the rest of the day and saw...
 Temples. They were so good I don't know how every-time I listen to them I forget how good they are. The lead singers hair is gorgeous. The drummer looked like he wasn't in the band.

and Jake Bugg.

 I even go his autograph.

There's the gist of my spring break. I hope everyone had a great spring break, I know I had a descent one minus the fact I went to every single one of these shows other than Jake Bugg was with a family member. It's a sad fact, but I'll live. I can't wait until I make friends who are into concerts and the things I'm interested in. I know that's a few years away because every concert I went to was mostly Juniors and stuff. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Been so busy for the past two weeks

An apology:First of all I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long been super busy lately. I had a project in every single class right before spring break and on top of that I had to memorize my lines for the play. So again sorry. I do like posting, but all the days I've worn something cute, I've forgotten to take a picture, and on the days that I could've posted I didn't like my outfit. I promise now that it's spring break I will post at least once more this week.

Outfit: Crown-DIY, Dress-Thrifted, Shirt-gift, Shoes-Thrifted .
My Life Lately: It's spring break!! Yay!! No school! No having to deal with social issues!(well kinda) I live in Austin like most of you know ,so I always go to sxsw during spring break. This year my mom (the original person I was going to go with) got a job so I have to find someone to go with. Shouldn't be too hard right? WRONG. Most of my  friends are going out of town or don't wanna go to the free stuff or are busy. So yeah. Hope everyone's having a good week/break. I hope that everything works out.


— No, I am Jen Mann stop pretending you’re me, uoa.
Mimi Fariña at her wedding, 1968.

i love her freckles:3



 Music part of post
 London Grammar- Nightcall (cover of kavinsky)
If you're looking for something ambient, I highly recommend London Grammar. I don't know how to describe them but I've heard them described as The xx and Florence and the Machine sounds combined. I don't know I really like them. 

 Bad Suns- Salt
If you want something upbeat and unique Bad Suns is good for that. They have a very interesting drumline. I really like them.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Galentines Day!!!

Floral Crown-DIY Cardigan-H&M Shirt-Blue Velvet Overalls- Thrifted

Tessa got me an adorable valentine ,some buttons and some candy. I got a skirt (the backdrop it's kinda 50's fruit flower print)
 Today was super rad. Me and Tessa met up and had a great Galentines day going to North loop (THE BEST PART OF AUSTIN). Than we went to Top Notch which was pretty good.  It was super great to see Tessa and go to my favorite part of Austin and talk face to face and stuff.